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MEC.SA Industrial has a clear objective: to continue to satisfy customers, evolving their requirements and their needs. In the spirit of pioneering customer satisfaction, MECSA implants the international ISO 9001:2008 norm since 2001 by Applus+, to keep and prove our compromise to our clients and in that sense maintain our public recognition as a reliable company that is dedicated to please any client with high expectations.


MECSA Industrial successfully builds customer trust which consequently reinforces our successful customer goals and in that sense enables MECSA Industrial to innovate, invest, improve and grow.

MEC.SA Industrial responds to their customer´s requirements by establishing and expanding its turning capabilities. Obtaining the certificate of quality is reason to be proud and satisfied but still represents only the first step of MECSA Industrial to reach its goal to maximum quality to serve its clients.

The introduction of  continuous skills improvement programs, and best practice production methodologies, combined with further investment in more specialized machinery, precise tools of measurements, strengthen and expand skill sets and capabilities tailored to specific industry sectors, all our devotion to serve and satisfy

its clients and to see them grow


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